Social Links & Contact Info

Social Links


I have a general purpose Discord server, which serves as a social hang-out and as a support server for my Discord bots. As of writing, it is not very active, but if you need to contact me, this is the best way to do it.


All my sheet music have playback videos that are posted to my YouTube channel. It's not a very large channel, but if you came here for music and want to see more and stay updated, consider subscribing and sharing my works with other people.

Contact Me


The best way to contact me is through Discord. I prefer to avoid direct/private messaging, so please join my server using the link above and get my attention there.


Send all emails to [email protected]. Messages will be sent to a "buffer" address to protect my primary email. If I feel it is appropriate, then I will move correspondence to my primary email, so do not be surprised if the reply you get is from a different address. I will likely (although it is not guaranteed) send an email from the buffer address to inform you that the conversation is moving to my primary address with my primary address listed for you to verify.

Please note that email responses are not guaranteed; that is, I may read your email, but a reply is not guaranteed.

If you already have my primary email address, you are free to contact me through that address.