About Me


My name is James "1230james" Hyun, and I'm a hobbyist programmer and an undergraduate majoring in computer science. I've had a fascination for computers ever since I was young, and this especially took off toward the end of middle school. With the help of a friend, I began to pick up programming as a hobby, creating several chat bots for Discord. Most of these bots are still used to this day and are being used by over two thousand Discord servers. Today, I am in a joint game development venture with a close friend while pursuing my studies in computer science.

What I Do

First and foremost, I am a software developer. I enjoy and have experience in programming by creating my Discord bots, working on video games, and creating programs for internships. Currently, I am maintaining my existing bots while focusing on developing video games. For more information on the things I am developing, see the Programming Projects page.

Additionally, I also enjoy transcribing music. This is not my primary field of expertise, but having been involved with music starting at a young age and through high school, creating (in the loosest sense, for I am not a composer) and playing music has and always will be a favorite pastime of mine.

The songs I transcribe are typically songs from video games or visual novels (but not exclusively) that do not already have free, quality sheets already available online. I do not consider piano solos to be quality sheets unless the original song is a piano-only piece — piano solos are simplistic in nature and do not offer the same level of depth as an ensemble with a wider array of instruments. That being said, I tend to do more complex transcriptions (again, because piano solos are for casuals) for more niche songs. You can find what I've already transcribed and what I plan on eventually doing in the future at the Sheet Music page.


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